Tron Weekly Journal is an online digital content platform which aims to bring all Tron world news under its umbrella. Although there has been immense churn and activity in the Tron community, there is no centralized portal or information pool where investors or Tron enthusiasts can gather necessary information. We are a team of experienced writers and analysts seeking to bring the latest Tron news and forecasts to the community through the Tron Weekly Journal platform.


The mid-1990s witnessed an upsurge in electronic versions of the university or commercial presses offering e-versions of their established print journals. This trend has swelled and how. E-journals have now become a part of every industry, providing for readers who wish to access their information on the go. According to research, 41% of the US populations people say they access news online and not from newspapers. Instead of perusing general interest publications, such as newspapers or weekly journals, the new age reader is more inclined to seek particular writers, blogs or sources of information through targeted searches, rendering the agglomeration of journals increasingly irrelevant. Seldom does one have the time to scan through the entire expanse of a journal to find topics of interest. Today’s reader is a decisive and well-informed individual who knows his areas of interest and what he wishes to learn more about and would prefer to use search engines, e-journals or online articles to feed their curiosity. Also, it is becoming increasingly unlikely for anybody in today’s day and age to carry around a printed hard copy journal. We prefer to encapsulate everything on our smartphones. Journals and news articles are no different. Digital media is arguably the biggest wave of disruption to hit print content. Below is the Revenue Growth projection for e pulishing based on historical data.

In Million US $

Our Vision

We aim to be a comprehensive portal for anything and everything to do in the world of Tron. We wish to be propagators of the Tron ecosystem. We also endeavour to provide a platform wherein all writers and content creators can leverage the benefit of their work to the maximum of their ability by eliminating middlemen or knowledge sharing portals. On our network, the content creator is truly the king and it is entirely on the prerogative of the creator to sell, authorise or share their piece of work.

Why invest with Tron Weekly Journal

We believe that digital assets are the future of finance and investing. Our business model, like most digital publications, is based on providing advertising space to interested parties. We aim to become the main digital content platform for all Tron related news, by publishing only quality articles and accurate news. No Shilling, No FUD, No Scams, No Shady ICOs. We believe our integrity will show potential customers that they can safely advertise their legitimate products and projects on our platform. We will not allow advertisements of any scams or shady projects/products on our platform, as we believe it is not ethical, nor is it profitable in the long term. The Tron Weekly Journal will be giving additional bonus as airdrop exclusively for Investors.

The Airdrop for the preliminary investors in the Pre-sale trading event ( which ends on 15th January 2019) will be total of 1 million TRWJ coins and the airdrop for the Main token trading event( ends on 16th April 2019) will be total of 2 million TRWJ Coins. The Token Holders information will be extracted from Tron scan on the 16th of January 2019 after the end of Pre-sale and 17th of April 2019 after the end of the main token trading event. Within 15 days, the additional bonus will be airdropped to the to the token holder’s wallet proportionately with the TRWJ tokens held.


So, what’s all this buzz about the Pre-Sale?

The purpose of our Pre- Sale ICO round is to ascertain community interest regarding our platform and obtain pre-seed funds for our aggressive marketing strategy plan. This will allow us to avoid traditional venture capital funding, and still obtain the some leverage before launching our full-blown normal sale.


Why should I participate in Presale instead of normal sale?

Firstly, you will be one of the early investors showing us your support and enthusiasm about the project. Secondly, you will be able to buy the tokens with attractive bonus. The Preliminary Investors will have the privilege to have bonus. The bonus will be awarded as below:

– If you invest 10000 or more TRWJ you will receive 100% as bonus.
– If you invest 5000 or more TRWJ you will receive 50% as bonus.
– If you invest 3000 or more TRWJ will receive 30 % as bonus.

When will the News Portal will be released?

The Beta Version of our Tron weekly Journal will be live by 31st of October. And full maturity will be achieved by December 2018.

What is the TRWJ token Structure?

The Tron Weekly Journal team will be allocated 30 per cent of the total fund pool amounting to 300,00,00,000 TRWJ.

– 10 per cent will be used for marketing and further development, amounting to 100,00,00,000 TRWJ.
– 10 per cent will be used for Token Pre sale amounting to 100,00,00,000TRWJ.
– 20 per cent of this total pool, amounting to 200,00,00,000 TRWJ is what is parked for the Normal token sale.
– 5 per cent of total fund amounting 50,00,00,000 TRWJ will be allocated to Reward  Pool.
– 15 per cent amounting to 150,00,00,000 TRWJ will be frozen till the year 2020.
– 10 per cent of the total fund pool will be reserved for Bounties and Airdrops, amounting to 100,00,00,000 TRWJ

**60% of total generated token will be distributed to public as, initial sale, normal sale, bonus, Reward pool, Bounty and airdrops

What is Tron Weekly journal?

While there has been immense churn and activities in the world of Tron there is no centralized portal or information pool where a new initiator or Tron enthusiast can gather necessary information to be part of network and connect with other enthusiast and investors.  We Tron weekly team’s vision is to solve this issue by bringing all Tron world news under one umbrella.

What is the purpose of TRWJ coin?

TRWJ is a multipurpose coin where content creators will be benefitted with TRWJ coin. For all the services like advertisement, promotion etc., the medium of exchange will be TRWJ coin.

Tron weekly Team will be conducting total of 3 Million Airdrop at the end of each sale phase, this airdrop will be based on the TRWJ coin held by the investors.

What’s the maximum token supply?

We have generated 10,00,00,00,000 TRWJ coin

How can I Purchase TRWJ coin?

Presently you can buy our coin from Tron Scan TronWeeklyJournal


Price: 1 TRWJ/1TRX

Token Pre Sale end in


Concept Development

June 2018

Portal Design and Development

July 2018

Start Publishing articles in other mediums

August 2018

Initial Token Sale

October 2018

Bounty & Airdrop campaign

October 2018

Website Launch ( Beta Version)

October 2018

Website Launch

January 2019

First Airdrop for Investors

January 2019

Mobile App & Miniexchange Launch

May 2019

Second airdrop for Investors

April 2019

Expansion to more APEC region

August 2019

Launch University for Journalism

February 2020


Anoop Charuvila

Anoop Charuvila

Roopa C A

Roopa C A

Co-Founder & CEO
Ali Qamar

Ali Qamar

Editor in Chief & Columnist
Manu Velappan

Manu Velappan

Chief Technical Officer
Chris Lawrie

Chris Lawrie

Clotilda Suvin

Clotilda Suvin

Content Writer
Peter Gabriel Miranda

Peter Gabriel Miranda

Content Consultant & Head Community Management

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