1cent.io: A Casual Betting Experience With Lots of Treats for it’s Users!

1CENT is a decentralized dapp platform, with team members from all around the world. With a wealth of experience in game and platform development, the 1CENT team has been able to revolutionize what dapps can do for the wider community. Our 3 core principles are transparency, fairness, and wealth distribution. We strive to become the industry leader in Dapp development, revolutionizing a new model to benefit all stakeholders. 1CENT is mainly based on the development of TRON’s main net, and will later expand to other blockchains. At the same time, 1CENT will cooperate with other developers to enrich the platform as a whole.

At 1CENT we aim to serve our users in the best way possible. By creating a casual betting experience with awesome game modes and lots of rewards for our users 1cent.io is an amazing platform to bet your TRX on!

Our Game Modes

We currently have 3 game modes on our platform: Fireball, Ghost Leg and Dice. We’ll be adding many more in the future.
Fireball: This is a very old school crash game mode where the user has to predict where the fireball will crash. The higher it goes, the higher your bet multiplier will be!

Ghost Leg: In ghost leg there will be a line coming from either left or right to cross towards the odd/even finish line! It’s up to the user to guess how it will reach the odd/even finish line. 

Dice: Our unique dice animation makes playing dice more enjoyable than ever before! Guess what number the dice will roll and win!

Our Rewards System

We love treating our users very well! We’ve built an amazing rewards system to make your experience on 1cent.io even better! 

Wager Challenge: We have daily TRX races! Earn prizes based on your wagered amount. The more you wager, the more TRX you can win! There’s a daily prize pool based on 30% of the casino profits in the previous day. The prize pool gets split amongst the top 6 users! 

Daily missions: Every day there are a few daily missions for you to complete in order to receive some of our special tokens: CNT. Our tokens CNT can be exchanged on the rewards page for USDT!
Keep an eye on our page to find out more about it.


At 1cent.io we also allow our users to group up in clans! It’s currently in beta release. We will be updating lots of stuff to the clans in the near future and making it a big clash between the clans to win some awesome prizes.

Is your platform fair?

Yes! Our platform stands for casual and fair betting. All 1cent transactions are executed through our smart contracts on the TRON network. This ensures that all data is fair even allowing users to change the speed they want to use. If the seed is not changed, then a random seed will be generated to ensure the fairness of our game modes.

What plans do you guys have for the future?

To say the least…1CENT users will be in for a treat. In the near future we’ll be supporting more cryptocurrencies on our dapp as well as adding many more game modes & rewards. We’ll also be running a lot of promotions for our users in our Telegram group and our social media pages! 


Akash Anand: I am an engineering graduate with a leaning towards content and hard-hitting journalism. The aim has always been to gather the latest happenings in crypto and present it to the world.