BeFaster dApp Release Euphoria Begins as BFCH Token Announced to be Listed on LaToken Soon

The Tron ecosystem has been flooded with multiple updates and developments from organizations trying to make their mark. This has resulted in a surge of interest and changes in the industry with some introductions creating waves all across the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

If one looks at the Tron industry, it becomes apparent that BeFaster has become one of the most striking dApps out there. With a focus on integrating the blockchain industry with fitness, the application has come a long way in helping people understand the concept of ‘earning while exercising’. 

Ever since its inception, BeFaster has made it a priority to show users that it was not just another run-of-the-mill decentralized application. The application has gone through multiple testings over the past couple of months so that users can avail the best possible experience from it. Along with the application BeFaster also includes the BFCH token which now has its own arc. 

In a recent series of tweets, BeFaster informed the community about the future of the BFCH token. Users had the opportunity to buy BFCH tokens at $0.6 before the expected price hike connected to the impending Latoken listing. According to sources within BeFaster, BFCH will be listed on Latoken at $1, a whopping 66.6 percent growth in the 7-day timeframe. BeFaster gives users the option to use either their Visa or MasterCard to purchase BFCH tokens. 

All users need to do is visit and enter the amount they want to spend in fiat currency. This will then be converted into the corresponding amount in BFCH tokens. Once the user decides on the sum, they will need to enter their e-mail address and the exact address of the wallet where the capital will be deposited. BeFaster has told TWJ that the programming for the application is being processed on time with an imminent launch.

The BFCH token stands out from the rest of its compatriots because of how far it has come since the start. The token value jumped from $0.2 to $1 in less than six months, an increased rate unseen even in the cryptocurrency industry’s big honchos. BeFaster sources revealed that the BFCH token would not only be useful in the fitness space, but also in the overall trading industry. Once the dApp is released, the token’s price is expected to skyrocket once more.

To keep users hooked, the BeFaster team recently teased the third screen of the dApp. The page included all the details required during a workout with additional inputs such as maps and the number of calories burnt. This in-depth analysis was BeFaster’s way of showing that users will be committed to using the application for its fitness purposes while dabbling in crypto at the same time. 



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