Bityard Rides the Bull Wave as Exchange Launches Copy Trading Feature for its Users

The global cryptocurrency market has been witness to bullish and bearish scenarios since its inception with that pattern hardly likely to disappear anytime soon. One of the main factors for the renewed interest in the virtual asset world can be attributed to developments made by organizations like Bityard.

Bityard has been at the forefront of innovation in the cryptocurrency exchange sector, with the organizations laying down the pipeline for rapid development in 2020. The Singapore based exchange recently announced that they had launched the much-anticipated copy trading mechanism to their fold.

Sources within Bityard admitted that the copy trading feature was something requested fervently by the user base as the exchange aims to gun for the summit. Working around the ethos of consistent upward movement, Bityard believes in bringing the ultimate trade simplicity to its users. The copy trading feature allows new users with no prior knowledge to emulate the methods of veterans in the field.

Bityard works to provide a simple, safe, and transparent platform to beginners so that their crypto experience is enriched. The system works by allowing freshers to copy the movements of advanced investors so that they can make smarter financial decisions. According to an official Bityard release:

“With Bityard’s copy trading function, users can easily copy other advanced investors, and those advanced investors will receive additional revenue from each successful trade copied. Bityard copy trading system creates a unique interactive and mutually beneficial relationship between the copier and the traders who are copied. In the future, Bityard will introduce more social network related functions to further improve the practice of the exchange’s social strategy.”

The exchange’s latest development stands out from the rest because of its efforts to include both the new and old customer. Experienced traders will be drawn to the latest proposal as they can impart their crypto knowledge while earning capital at the same time. Many analysts in the cryptocurrency industry claimed that the focus on customer retention will only do Bityard good in the long run.

Bityard has over 100,000 users spread across 150 countries and this popularity is owed to the organization’s methodical operational processes. The exchange made a name for itself for having one of the lowest trading fees in the industry, thereby adhering to the mantra of “Complex Contracts Simple Trade”. With more updates set to be announced soon, both fans and critics are now waiting for the “next big thing” from Bityard.


Akash Anand: I am an engineering graduate with a leaning towards content and hard-hitting journalism. The aim has always been to gather the latest happenings in crypto and present it to the world.