Bityard Launches Much-Awaited “Happy Friday” Program as LINK Becomes First Candidate

The world of digital assets has been required to evolve and adapt multiple times to satiate the needs of the ever-changing market conditions. To ensure that the users were getting the best experience in the most hassle-free way, companies have tried their level best to elevate the playing field.

Bityard is the latest organization to step up its game with its native “Happy Friday” event with users eagerly waiting for it to commence. According to Bityard, the event was a way to give back to the community for their dedication and loyalty. 

Sources from within Bityard informed TWJ that the Happy Friday event was one of many in the company’s pipeline to strengthen the subscriber base. Bityard has garnered a large following since its inception mostly because of the multiple high-quality contract trading product launches. Holding on to these users and fans is of utmost priority to Bityard as suggested by the Happy Friday event. 

The Bityard announcement revealed that any Bityard member will be able to avail the benefits of the Happy Friday event. Bityard’s official statement touched on the roadmap for the event as well as the centerpiece of the day: zero transaction fees for the designated token. LINK/USDT was the chosen token that users could trade with no worries of any transaction fees being slapped on it. 

Bityard added that the event would go on for all the upcoming Fridays until said otherwise. This was another way that users could make use of Bityard’s solid contract trading infrastructure. The announcement informed users to:

“Trade the chosen token every Friday to enjoy free transaction fee for that contract trade! We will announce different chosen token for the 0 transaction fee event every Friday. Stay tuned to keep up! Trade on Bityard for free to end your work day!”

Bityard has prided itself on being the platform that charges one of the lowest transaction fees and the Happy Friday event is only set to boost its reputation. This sort of innovation has been a staple to Bityard’s developments over the last couple of months with customers expecting the best services of the pile. 

The Happy Friday event was not the only ace up Bityard’s sleeve as the company also has plans to launch its copy trade feature next month. Bityard has said that the feature will allow users to integrate their trading patterns into the system, allowing them to focus on multiple trades simultaneously. The sheer number of updates that cater to the customer remains one of the reasons why Bityard is celebrated in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Akash Anand: I am an engineering graduate with a leaning towards content and hard-hitting journalism. The aim has always been to gather the latest happenings in crypto and present it to the world.