Bridge Oracle Goes Ahead with IEO as Company Plans more Developments to Boost Tron Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed several updates and developments since its inception, which has made the community realize the importance of constant innovation. One of the most active markets in the virtual asset industry belongs to Tron, with Justin Sun led crypto organization quite often releasing something new from its roster.

Tron has also been supported by other organizations in the quest for a decentralized financial ecosystem, with the Bridge Oracle system acting as an outstanding example. Bridge Oracle aims to create a path for mainstream external data to be available on the blockchain network, something that has been difficult to do in the past.

 The team at Bridge claims that their Oracle system stands out from the rest of the crowd because of the inbuilt features. According to sources, Bridge oracle system is the first-ever dedicated public oracle technology on the Tron network. The team at Bridge informed TWJ that the services offered by the Oracle system could be split into three different categories:

  • Enterprise Oracle System
  • Public Oracle System
  • Decentralized Oracle System

The aforementioned oracle types are all custom built to handle certain aspects of the blockchain network. In order to use a specific type of service, a proper API contract should be imported into the user’s smart contract based on the owner’s requirements. Apart from the multitude of options when it comes to oracle systems, Bridge has also taken into consideration the difficulties that users go through during payments. 

To do away with any complications related to payments for requests, Bridge has decided to give users the option to pay in either TRX or BRG. If users use the native BRG token, they are also given the option to use the discount. Another factor that made attractive to its customers, especially the new ones, was its open-source model. Users have always complained that when crypto projects fail to be transparent about their workings, it only generates a mental pushback in them. 

Bridge also offers other integral services to bolster the Tron ecosystem from its end. All of them are aimed to allow Bridge Oracle members to utilize the full power of the Tron blockchain. The ‘URL’ service allows users to fetch every kind of data using ‘Http/Http Requests’. Next up on the features line was ‘WolframAlpha’ which redirects users’ requests to computational knowledge of WolframAlpha. 

Bridge users also have access to the BitTorrent File System [BTFS]. When the BTFS was first launched by Tron, the main intention was for services like Bridge to make use of it and propagate the decentralized ecosystem. September also marks an important month for Bridge as BRG got listed on as well as The BRG token will also be going through an IEO on, an event that fans of the token have been waiting for eagerly. 

Officials from within the organization reiterated that the rest of the year will see more listings with a mainnet launch to be expected at the end of this year. Looks like it sure is an exciting year for the decentralized market and especially for the decentralized Tron ecosystem. 

Akash Anand: I am an engineering graduate with a leaning towards content and hard-hitting journalism. The aim has always been to gather the latest happenings in crypto and present it to the world.