Editorial Policy

The Policy

Tron Weekly is dedicated to strained editorial policy anchored on transparency, trust, and objectivity. Also, we carefully choose sources of high-quality for our articles.


Transparency is our essential objective, and as such, our writers (all the time) openly show any interest invested in the digital asset or blockchain project that is mentioned in any given article. When that happens, a disclaimer is always included at the end of the piece so that the reader is made aware.

The Sources are Our Priority

Our readers are entitled to trustworthy and transparent news. Therefore, we ensure that we either publish exclusive news or only the stories from authentic sources. The stories are thoroughly researched by our expert crypto writers as well as editors.

Subsequently, legitimate news agencies as well dip a hand to ensure that our sources are only high-quality sources. Besides, whenever we quote the sources, we also let our readers know (link) them in case they would want to find at their own too.

All our Facts get Checked Meticulously

When there’s maximum objectivity, there’s a grantee that the information provided is genuine. All our articles are checked thoroughly by a professional editor to ensure that the facts in the articles are objective as well as neutral.


We are strict with copyright issues. Therefore, our writers only use quotes and pictures on the public domain. In case of any original material, we always attribute it appropriately back to the source.


To build trust and achieve transparency there must be experts on the subject to deliver precise results. Right? Our writers are experts, and hence often we allow them to provide opinion articles. However, it doesn’t mean that we always support or agree with every opinion published by the writers at Tron Weekly.

Advertising Guidelines

Our guidelines for advertising are stringent in the sense that we only consider advertising from those projects that are as transparent as we are. For instance, if an advertiser uses deceptive marketing, or is not open as well as honest about their team members, we don’t consider it in any way.