All of Tron’s currencies now supported at MagnumWallet

The MagnumWallet web site is an exciting cryptocurrency wallet service that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

It’s an anonymous (and light) web-based digital asset wallet that supports more than 700 different tokens. It implements decentralization by not storing any user’s private keys (which means you remain in full control of your decryption keys, which, in turn, means you stay the undisputed owner of your digital wealth). And you don’t even need to create an account.

So how do you have a secure service without having an account at all? That’s one of the beautiful things that cryptographic-based technology can do for you.

The wallet is also very keen on supporting all kinds of airdrops to facilitate passive-income earning for users, and it has some in-house passive income models that can be quite interesting for any cryptonaut. And unlike other wallets, the lack of individual accounts also means that your country of residence is irrelevant in terms of becoming a user. It doesn’t matter where you are because the wallet doesn’t care.

Magnum includes all the big players (Bitcoin and all its forks as Bitcoin Cash ABC, Litecoin, and others, like Ethereum).

Participation in DPOS-like networks also allows users to earn passive income; you can even become a retail-banker of sorts by earning interest if you delegate or stake your funds in the Tezos or Komodo networks.

And those are the currently available features only, but the platform keeps working and observing the cryptoverse to incorporate and deploy all kinds of new profitable features without compromising security so that users can earn more income.

Other of the wallet’s features include support for Trezos (XTZ only) and all ETH tokens. The wallet supports instant coin exchange from the directly from the Ledger device. There’s an airdrop claim option which allows you to keep getting the new (and old) forks of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Last but not least, there’s the delegation option for DPoS currencies like Tezos. The coin, along with the Callisto Network improves UI for users too. And you can use among a variety of block producers (called bakers in crypto-jargon) if you want to stake some or all of your funds.

So the platform is already quite interesting and very complete. But something new is happening.

According to a tweet published by Justin Sun (Tron’s founder and CEO as well as BitTorrent’s CEO) last week, MagnumWallet now supports all of the Tron-based tokens in the market. This includes the tokens issued using both of Tron’s token technologies (TRC10 and TRC20). Furthermore, not only Tronix will be available at Magnum but also the BitTorrent Token (BTT) and, most interestingly, the new USDT-Tron based stable coin.

Tron keeps securing new and relevant strategic partnerships with all kinds of key players in the crypto verse thus ensuring that the project’s fundamentals remain solid. Which will drive the TRX price up sooner or later. As of now, it trades at USD 0.026992 in modest green numbers, and the trend is currently bullish which is good news for any TRX holder.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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