Play GOC

Part of the recent strides of Tron is the production of a token-based incentivized gaming platform known as PLAY GOC. This is a platform where Tron users can play and create games with their various tokens. At the moment, the platform boasts of 5 live games and a multi-token mining system for its users.

Play GOC platform recently made an important announcement on its official Twitter page for LoveHearts and TRC10 holders that it will pause LoveHearts deposit and withdrawals and TRC10 WIN swaps until TRC10 support resumes. That’s finished now, already. The official statement reads

“The second proposal to allow duplicated names for trc10 tokens is passing, which will cause disruption for trc10 tokens across the network. To prevent errors we are pausing lovehearts deposit and withdrawals and trc10 WIN swaps until trc10 support resumes. ”

The second proposal stated by PLAY GOC from the aforementioned tweet is seen as the change Tron is bringing into its system, and that’s only to prevent big issues that have to do with the withdrawals and deposits of Loveheart tokens. As promised, PLAY GOC paused withdrawals/deposits for a very short time and that’s a done thing as we write this.

PLAY GOC was created towards the end of last year, 2018, but it had some hurdles to jump; the platform has promised that great things will kick off this year. The platform’s Telegram group earlier revealed that mining is being tested and will be ready on the 5th of January, 2019 UTC (so that’s done now, too).

As of today, PLAY GOC users can now mine and play games to earn RWD tokens (or deposit 1 million PLAY or more to get RWD airdrops), which they can redeem for their share of the pot of PLAY, GOC, and TRX. It is necessary for all users to note that the weekly timer of the pot started on Monday.

Subsequently, daily airdrops have started for PLAY holders. One of their official tweets reads,

“Daily $RWD #Airdrops have started for #PLAY Holders! Mining is live in 5 games, first Reward Party soon! Payout is in TRX/GOC/PLAY. Mine and buy tickets, or hold or sell RWD later on #GOC #DEX. #TRON @Justinsuntron @TronFoundation #crypto.”

It is important to also know that the first mining round is over 60% complete and users are advised to play the 5 live games with TRX, GOC, and PLAY tokens on the platform. Users are also advised to mine RWD tokens and buy tickets to the Reward Party.

More upcoming updates on PLAY GOC

PLAY GOC revealed on its official Twitter page about its intentions to add a new game for all gaming lovers on its platform; the game is called Three Card Poker. It tweeted:

“Three Card Poker now added to coming soon on the $PLAY platform! #tron.”

Furthermore, the platform also stated that there will be a more visual enhancement on its site, customizable user chat names, various bugs fixes, Reward pool page, mining progress page, and FAQ. Also, there will be additional site updates and a whitepaper for the platform.

Overall, there seem to be many updates coming from PLAY GOC and other tokens on the Tron platform more often now. And of course, token holders should stay alerted for important updates on Tron network. Good thing is, TronWeekly is here to keep you updated on all that!

Image courtesy of PixaBay.