Shiba Inu Grabs Whales Attention As 40B SHIB Tokens Tossed In Exchanges

Shiba Inu’s demand rise as nearly 40 billion SHIB tokens was shuffled by whales to and from top crypto exchange platforms, data from Etherscan showed.

The last hour saw a total of six significant transactions, most of which involved 6 or 6.4 billion SHIB that were moved by unidentified large-scale holders.

From the six, the two biggest moved 9 billion meme coins, and the smallest moved 1.5 billion Shiba Inus. 13 billion SHIB were purchased and taken out of the exchange among these billions. On KuCoin, 1.5 billion were both purchased and withdrawn to cold wallets.

Additionally, 6.5 billion SHIB were transferred to OKX, most likely to be sold, and a total of 6.1 billion Shiba Inu tokens were transmitted to a Binance wallet. According to the current SHIB/USD exchange rate, 36.5 billion SHIB is equal to $316,090.

The highly anticipated mainnet debut of Shibarium now has an expected timeline, much to the joy of SHIB enthusiasts. Following user complaints about the lack of one, content marketing professional Lucie Sasnikova tweeted a response between Q2 and Q3 2023.

Besides that, Sasnikova revealed that the Shiba Inu team has several groups working on the launch, including one that integrates AI.

“Our estimate is for 2023, and we are not pumping anything but focusing on sustainable growth. The testing process and security audits are crucial before the launch,” she added.

In addition, Puppynet, the testnet for Shibarium, has continued to expand rapidly since its launch on March 11.

Shiba Inu’s L2 Milestone And A New Listing

Puppyscan’s most recent statistics show that there are now 15.9 million active wallet addresses on the native testnet, up from just 3 million just a few weeks after launch.

In addition, Shibarium recorded over 10 million total transactions, and at the time of publication, the average block time or time it takes to create a new block is 5 seconds.

In related news, the popular memecoin has landed in a well-known platform for trading digital assets, a Brazilian exchange, which recently announced its support for Shiba Inu. This update allows users of Digitra to conveniently purchase, sell, or hold SHIB tokens without any transaction fees.

Lipika Deka: Lipika is a crypto-journalist at TWJ. A graduate in economics and finance, she has a keen interest in the political and socio-economic facets of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry.