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The king of the crypto world, Bitcoin (BTC) is the leading cryptocurrency in the market. Where the world has become a digital hub, Bitcoin has made a significant impact on the digital currency world. Bitcoin introduced a new channel for transferring money across borders without the need for any kind of intermediary.

The transaction made by Bitcoin is done through a public ledger famously known as Blockchain. The blockchain system is supported by several nodes which work in the form of network. The blockchain ecosystem is more reliable than centralized payment systems. This means that transactions made through this channel are much more safe and secure.

The transaction fee charged depends upon the number of blocks and transaction type. The more the number of blocks, the lesser is the transaction fees. The main feature of Bitcoin that sets it apart from other systems is that no one owns it; it is a decentralized platform in which everyone is allowed to participate.

Since Bitcoin and blockchain have added versatility to the payment system, they have become more popular across the globe. As the world gets to know more about Bitcoin, we can see more adoption of it. Bitcoin has built a unique stature in the payment world, where users find it a great way of the payment system as it is very reliable.

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