The next-generation distributed ledger technology that works on Tangle. Instead of using blockchain, IOTA (MIOTA) uses DAG. With the aim to become the biggest platform in the world that processes micro-transactions without any cost and also making the entire network to keep the private information safe and secure from third-party.

In a world where cybercrime is a significant threat, IOTA has had a substantial impact on ensuring data security. With the help of their distributed ledger technology, IOTA has gained what was impossible to do without any third-party.

IOTA is a crucial solution to the flaws in blockchain technology, and they have worked and solved the P2P transaction feature. Due to such impactful work, IOTA has emerged as a revolutionary technology among the crypto sphere.

Moreover, IOTA has a significant impact in several industries, especially the vehicle industry, where they have taken things to a whole new level.

Some key features of IOTA include high security, scalability, low resource requirements, zero-fee transactions, and offline transactions. These all features have made the IOTA (MIOTA) platform much more reliable, and its security has been the standout amongst all essential aspects.

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