TRONbet going strong; sets the standard: New game platform launched

No matter how you feel about the online casinos or gambling in general, one thing would be hard not to be appreciated – the brilliance behind TRONbet.

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology has transformed the industry, and TRONbet uses the technology to ensure that all supported games are fair. That is hugely significant in online gambling, or any other gambling business, for obvious reasons.

A New Game Platform Launched

Tron network powers Tronbet, and it is worth noting that it has been on the top 3 dApps list on for ages now. Interestingly, it has seen a skyrocketing growth of users and transaction volume with the last 24 hours recording over 2.3k users.

Although TRONbet is indeed going strong, it has added a catalyst. A new game platform, TRONbet Live, got launched a couple of days ago that includes live dealer casino games, slot games, and mining opportunities.

All You Should Know About TRONbet Live

Players are offered a range of slots titles as well as a chance to earn live tokens while they play. TRONbet live becomes the very first platform across blockchains (and centralized crypto casinos, too) which allow playing as well as earning in the same currency.

Also, it will provide an opportunity similar to ANTE (mining the new LIVE token while playing). What’s different with the new platform is that you’ll be required to deposit Tron (TRX) into a smart contract as well as withdraw balance from the smart contract.

Two games are available on Tronbet LIVE platform: SLOTS (already live) and LIVE, a live table game that is going to be launched shortly.

The LIVE token is a TRC20 token which allows users to become stakeholders of the TRONbet Live and earn some profit. There’s a total supply of 999 million of the LIVE token. The LIVE token can be made by spending/playing TRX on the platform. It can as well be frozen to receive dividends in TRX two times a day.

The LIVE token is not to be available initially to trade on any exchange, but later it will be launched on a DEX.

The SLOTS Games

SLOTS are among the top 5 popular odds-based games across the globe, and now TRONbet LIVE users have the opportunity to enjoy SLOTS at home while they also earn and mine cryptocurrencies.

Players will be able to win considerable amounts with only small bets. And of course, SLOTS are fun as well as easy to play. The TRONbet slots are indeed impressive as they even managed to earn applause from Tron founder Justin Sun who said the SLOTS game is “crazy.”

Currently, there are ten unique SLOT games on the platform with universal jackpots to be launched in the future. Are you ready to mine on TRONbet LIVE? Get started and enjoy the experience of winning big with merely small bets. Surely, only if you like the idea of betting (play at your own risk).

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