Tron-based stablecoin USDT launches tomorrow; Layer 2 Scalability Solution underway

Tron (TRX) is undoubtedly on the move each day that passes and its founder, Justin Sun is at the heart of all developments. After a few weeks of their Tether partnership announcement with a primary aim of issuing a new USDT coin on the Tron network, now it’s time for the launch.

The New TRC20-based USDT on Tron’s Network

Speaking at the brand new episode of Crypto Chick Podcast, Tron’s CEO and founder Justin Sun revealed the details of the new USDT Tron stablecoin. During the occasion, Sun made the significance of stablecoins known by laying in the fact that they’re tied to fiat majorly, and that they are not exposed to the volatility of the crypto market.

Sun went on to say that the new coin will be launched on April 9th, merely twenty-four hours from the press time. The new TRC20-based USDT will significantly support the ever-growing Tron network of dApps as well as other stuff.

Also, Sun is very confident that stablecoin is the most significant thing regarding the infrastructure and the industry as a whole. Subsequently, he thinks that the new coin will be more reliable, faster as well as cheap going forward for the industry.

Moreover, he pointed out the fact that most investors would not want people to know that they do buy cryptos, their accounts or how much money they have in their accounts. He says that the big investors need the functional stablecoin which will surely make payments as well as trades more stable and seamless.

Besides, based on the TRC20 protocol, the new smart stablecoin will as well support mart contracts and hence introducing a privacy option.

The battle with Ethereum is worth mentioning

It goes without a say that the rivalry between Tron and Ethereum is on a different level, and the fact that Sun mentioned Ethereum here is not a surprise. However, it seemed that he’s taking a distinct notch on this one as he said he’s welcoming the competition of Ethereum with open arms.

Sun believes that the competition between the two for the dApps is good for the production of better products which benefits the whole industry, the dApp developers as well as the users as a whole. He even pointed out that sooner we’ll witness collaboration with Ethereum developers to do something great for the industry.

Get Ready for Layer 2 Scalability Solution

Sun also noted that Tron would soon launch its layer 2 scalability solution specifically in Q2. The launch will, therefore, mean that the scalability will be 100 times more as well as a dramatic decrease in the fees. The developers, as well as users, must well receive the news.

Tron is moving at a pace that none of the cryptos is currently doing; with this pace of developments and consistent announcements, who knows what we might be up to next. Perhaps, one thing is for sure, Tron is taking significant steps to increase its chances of making it to the top 6 soon (Sun has been fighting for that for some time now).

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