Tron (TRX) Digging Deep in USDT Total Supply

It’s almost two months since Tron (TRX) and Tether (USDT) announced their partnership, and now it looks evident that Tron is reaping big.

Recently, Tron founder and CEO, Justin Sun stated that Tron had already occupied 2% of the total USDT supply which is 2.5 billion. Undoubtedly, that was a good number given the time the two has been together, but if you thought that was good, now Tron has hit another milestone.

The Rapid Development

Tron is only looking to make a stamp of its own in the crypto space, and as a result, we have seen several partnerships being announced with the most recent being with Liverpool FC.

Far from that, today, Tron’s CEO has announced that TRX is now occupying 3.5% of the total USDT supply. Therefore, it means that Tron holds 100 million of a total 2.8 billion USDT.

The rate at which the growth is taking place is rapid given that it’s merely two days ago when Sun announced Tron occupying 2% of the total supply. Given similar conditions, there’s no reason not to believe that soon the amount will be doubling and going even further.

50% of USDT Supply on Tron in 2019 Looks Attainable

Tron CEO is very much positive that by the end of the second quarter of the year, Tron will be occupying 10% of the supply. What’s more interesting though, is the fact that when Tron achieves 10% target, then it will have surpassed their all-time rival-Ethereum.

However, what’s bullish is that Sun believes by the end of 2019, they will be able to reach 50% of USDT supply. Can you imagine that?

One thing is for sure, if Tron manages to keep the high level of USDT, then we’ll be observing the adoption of Tron-USDT supply increasing to more than 10% as predicted. And then maybe, the ambitious 50% goal may not be far off as we may be thinking.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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