Tron tops Q1 Dapp market report with more than 300k active users is a website which tracks the decentralized applications available in the web today. It aims to demystify decentralized technology so that users, developers, and people, in general, feel more comfortable using this new technology and joining the decentralized environments.

It’s something of a directory or a who’s who for the decentralized applications world and it publishes a quarterly report which is radiography for the cryptosphere’s programmable platforms. And in this article, we’ll give you the highlights.

Tron, Steem, EOS, and Ethereum are the four blockchains that are moving the dApp world forward. They have most of the active users in the market.

Q1 saw 504 new dApps come online (in terms of addition to More than half of those appeared in Ethereum’s network. That happens to show that Ethereum is still the platform of choice for developers to build and deploy new projects. This wasn’t obvious because EOS and Tron have had great success with their dApps. But there’s also a trend for multi-platform development. Many of those Ethereum apps were deployed in parallel in other blockchains like EOS or Tron.

Persistence is high in all the relevant networks. 326 out of the 342 apps active in EOS transacted in some way during Q1, and 95% of the blockchain’s applications remain active. Tron’s and Steem’s apps have active users at the tune of 80%. Ethereum has the highest number of apps, but almost 600 of those are dead as they have not transacted even a single time over the last 90 days.

The four main blockchains kept their strength during the quarter. They transacted USD 3.2 billion in total volume. Tron and EOS lead the way as both processed more than a billion. Ethereum is stuck in the PoS vs. PoW discussion. The main issue will remain the network’s efficiency as well as suspicions about bot trading issues as a consequence of zero transaction fees.

Tron’s applications boast more than 300k active users. EOS is not too far behind at 260k. The number of wallets created in the Tron main net went beyond USD 2.3 million of which almost 16% were decentralized app users. That’s about one and a half growth rate since the year began. And, moreover, Tron users are economically very active as 80% of them transacted at least once in one of Tron’s applications during the quarter.

Gambling apps are what make the environment tick. They’re driving the ecosystem’s growth by attracting about 350k new users into the atmosphere. Increase in games and exchanges were similar as both types of apps attracted almost 100k users during the quarter.

At Ethereum, growth in wallet addresses and increase in dApp users are very different things. The platform lost about 4% of its users, compared yearly. Ethereum users are leaving the network looking for greener pastures. Only 72,422 of the network’s old users are still around as dApp users this year. That’s not even 7%.

Volume usage in Ethereum remains the same as last year’s. Exchanges generate about half of the volume. Next, come gambling apps. The exciting thing is that Ethereum’s gamers are the most active in the whole dApp environment. Players comprise more than 40% of the daily application users, but they make up only 30% of total active users for the quarter. So Ethereum’s games have a stable and loyal user base that’s becoming a healthy community.

EOS: Diversity in a blockchain

Traffic configuration has changed quite a bit in the EOS network from last year. EOS gambling dApps account for an astounding 99% of traffic volume in total. But the system is becoming more diverse as more games and financial service apps are joining the network.

Steem is losing some steam

Steem’s applications have diversified beyond social networks. Tools websites, gambling, and gaming sites appeared over the last quarter. The fraction of transaction volume carried out by gambling dApps went up by 104% to become 94% of the network’s size.

Steemit remains the largest app in Steem, according to SimilarWeb data. That’s not surprising as it continues to be the project’s flagship website. Traffic in the site is of 10 million visits, but barely 100k of those were Steem’s on-chain users for the last 90 days.

“On chain” means those users who use the network to transfer funds, vote in the project’s polls, and post content. All of those activities are recorded in the blockchain’s ledger, which makes Steem one of the more decentralized networks because more than just currency data is stored directly in the blockchain.

Tron: Growing fast, keeping transaction volumes high

Tron grew more quickly than any other app environment so far in the year. That is true for both main net wallets and new app users. About 85% of Tron’s dApp users kept using the apps during Q1, which is the highest retention rate for any of the relevant blockchains.

Tron’s transaction rate is also considerable. Last month, on March 15th alone, it transacted more than USD 91 million, which is beyond any record previously set by Ethereum or EOS.

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