Changing the landscape of the music industry is a huge undertaking, but it is one that can bring mass adoption into the crypto space and help with Justin Sun’s mission of decentralizing the internet. By voting for BeatzCoin as an SR, you will be helping us with that mission.

The following is a detailed road map of our SR campaign and how your votes will not only earn you extra TRX and BeatzCoin but also assist in the future success of Vibravid & BeatzCoin which in turn will bring the needed shift with Artist and content creators.

Phase 1 – Becoming an SR and celebrating the accomplishment.

Until January 31st we will be giving 100% TRX rewards and 100% BTZC rewards to our voters. This means for every TRX you earn you will get 5 BTZC. Once we reach the top 27, those rewards become significantly higher.

Upon reaching the top 27, we will take a snapshot of our loyal voters who started with us and reward all of them with an airdrop of BTZC*. (*Amount of AirDrop TBD)

Phase 2 – Taking the Vibravid platform a step ahead.

At this time our reward structure will change to 50% TRX and 100% Btzc.

Our beta version of Vibravid will be launched by then, and the rewards we earn will be put back into developing the platform and brand. It’s imperative to understand that community driven projects need funds to grow and flourish.

With the current price of TRX, it’s important to realize that the growth of Vibravid will be much more rewarding than chasing pennies with voting rewards. Because lets be honest… that’s exactly what you are doing if you are moving your votes for 100% TRX rewards.

*if there is any significant move to the price of TRX we will always have the community in mind and make needed changes to the reward structure that benefits everyone*

  •  Reward funds will be used for:
    * Technology development
    * Artist endorsements
    * Funding music projects (such as videos/promos/albums)
    * Marketing promotions

Phase 3 – Continued community growth and rewarding the loyal voters and incorporation of LONE token

  •  50% TRX 50% BTZC 10% LONE
  • + BeatzCoin loyalty rewards (+50% bonus to those who maintain 100K + BeatzCoin)

Keep in mind that compared to many other coins, our supply is pretty low (3 billion MAX SUPPLY). When we start to reach our goal of mass adoption the supply will seem relatively low for a widely used Audio/Video platform. That is why we might decrease the BTZC bonus since we expect its value to climb significantly. It will give us more flexibility to reinvest in the Tech and Brand.

Info on LONE token:
The L1 Crew, the distributor of the LONE coin, is heavily involved in supporting developer projects, artists, as well as limited brick and mortar establishments through token purchases and direct funding. As a holder of the LONE coin, you are supporting a multitude of projects and stand to reap the benefits when the projects come to fruition.
The LONE coin shares. When profits or rewards are available, airdrops will occur. The success of the investment will determine the frequency and amount.
The LONE coin is not given freely. Any airdropped or bonus LONE coin was paid for in full by the distributing party.

Please keep in mind that this is not set in stone. Our team is very dedicated to TRON and the Community. We realize that without you we wouldn’t be in the position we are. Therefore, we are always willing to hear out the community if circumstances change and a revision needs to be made to our reward structure.

Our goal is to be a firm pillar in the Tron network indefinitely and be along the likes of great community SR’s such as Sesameseed and Tron Spark. We understand the ultimate goal and will try our best to balance the best interest of TRON, Vibravid and the community.

Thank you, everyone, for your support! I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you in the Tron Community. Please check out the official Beatzcoin Podcast at where we talk about Tron, Crypto, and Music!


Alex Guerra and the BeatzCoin Team