Bitrue and Ripple’s XRP Tipbot join forces

Credit: Pixabay

XRP Tip Bot is a compelling use case for Ripple’s XRP currency that has nothing to do with banks, international remittances, or any of the things that we usually think of when we talk about Ripple and XRP.

It’s a bot, which is geek parlance for a robot. In other words, it’s a bit of code that allows people to send XRP tokens in Twitter, Reddit and Discord through comments. The idea is elementary. If you like a tweet or a comment you see in Reddit, Twitter or Discord and you want to show the author a little appreciation, you just use your xrptipbot to send him a message that also includes some of Ripple’s digital asset. So it’s a robot that is useful to send xrp tips. It’s all in the name.

If you want to use the bot, all you need is to own an account in any of the social media compatible with the service, to have some xrp coins in your tip bot account, and that’s it, you’re good to go.

Bitrue is a different animal. It’s a fully fledged cryptocurrency exchange that supports many of the digital assets available in the world. It’s big, powerful, safe, and it has an excellent reputation.

And now, both projects are creating a partnership that will them both using the other’s technology to make each other more useful.

If you trade at Bitrue, you can, of course, have some XRP’s tokens, but you can also have Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. Even if you arrive owning only bitcoins, the platform will allow you to trade some or all of them for any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

The exciting thing is that Xrptipbot will take advantage of Bitrue’s advanced technology and integrate it into the bot. The result is that you will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies in many other digital denominations besides XRP.

It’s not clear so far which coins will be supported from the get-go. But it would be a safe bet that at least Bitcoin and Ethereum will be on that list, but it could be any coin in the top 10 by market capitalization, at least.

So should xrptipbot change its name now? We don’t know; we don’t think so. It’s earned a reputation as a brand already so it should probably keep its original name even if it is not linked any longer with XRP exclusively.

This is excellent news for the crypto verse at large. It may seem like too simple an application or a use case. But this is how mass adoption can be achieved passively. Simple problems in which cryptocurrencies make a difference that fiat can’t. You could never send a tip using USD or any other fiat currency through a Twitter message and expect the operation to be completed in seconds.

We salute this new collaboration, and we hope that this example will inspire many other developers to create many more nice pieces of software that can apply the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to solve problems that seem, but that makes a difference in every day of internet users.

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