With the Tron community awash with new projects and tokens, finding those innovative projects with real value can be a challenge.  SesameSeed is setting a great example for how to launch new projects that have real promise for future value with Poppy, Eggies.World, and TronWatch.  Another such project that shows great promise is a venture that seeks to provide the benefits of active trading with the security of “hodling”.

CITYUPTAKE has been quietly building a strong reputation for rewarding its holders with rewards that claim to be multiples more than voting alone. Launched with very little fanfare in July, the project now boasts a voting portfolio of over 6 million TRX, a Telegram channel with over 500 members, and growing number of serious TRX holders.  The top 30 holders have contributed an average of over 200,000 TRX.

Jason Lavender, the Founder, claims to have created an opportunity to enjoy the potential gains from the volatility in the price of Tron by establishing a Trade Desk that CITYUPTAKE owners help build with their purchases of CITYUPTAKE.  This Trade Desk has grown rapidly from 25,000 TRX when the project began, to over 1.4 million to date.  TRX earned through active trading are shared to CITYUPTAKE owners each week.

Every CITYUPTAKE is backed by one TRX creating a pool of over 6 million TRX which are used to vote for SRs that provide the most lucrative rewards to their voters.  These rewards are shared daily with CITYUPTAKE owners.  Holders of CITYUPTAKE enjoy most of the SR rewards they would from voting, but also receive the weekly Trade Desk rewards as well.

Enthusiastic holders of CITYUPTAKE are quick to point out that the value of these rewards are three to four times the value of just voting, creating a stream of residual rewards that could become a very valuable flow of income should the price of Tron appreciate.

When asked about the end goal of the venture, Mr. Lavender shared that his objective is to manage a large fund that provides value for token holders while building an SR portfolio that can essentially play kingmaker and vault any SR candidate into Top-27 status, including CITYUPTAKE’s own “MRLAVMAN”, an SR candidate created in late October.

The CITYUPTAKE community is very excited at the prospect of sharing the rewards of an actively traded account that is funded by block rewards paid to a Super Representative.  A Trade Desk of a few million could quickly grow to much more.

The potential is real, but the road to top-27 is long.  Still, it might be worth your time to investigate CITYUPTAKE for yourselves.