Cityuptake Celebrates Second Anniversary on Back of Stellar Achievements; Mobile Application and ‘Member Lounge’ Come to Forefront

The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed several participants over the course of its lifetime, but very few have actually had an impact on the users involved. Organizations such as Cityuptake have gone beyond and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction while sticking to the ethos of the virtual asset world.

Established in 2018, Cityuptake has come a long way towards creating an ecosystem where users can participate in trading as well as access goods and services using the native CITYUPTAKE token. As we approach Cityuptake’s second anniversary, let ‘s look at some of the major changes that the organization has made.

Since Cityuptake commenced, the company has made rapid progress in pushing the boundaries of the trading ecosystem. According to Cityuptake, dealing with the TRON reward system has its own advantages, which have resulted in multiple users jumping onto the platform. Cityuptake launched its Trade Desk towards the end of September 2018 and paid more than 1 million TRX as reward to its users in less than two months.

It wasn’t long before Cityuptake ‘s popularity skyrocketed as the company’s trading desk grew to TRX 10 million by July 2019. Cityuptake’s meteoric rise could be attributed to the focus of the organization not only on the advancement of internal operations but also on additional peripherals. The second year of the life cycle of Cityuptake included the addition of the Members Lounge. The Lounge acts as a provision for users of the CU where they will be able to see all their wallet and reward information displayed for easy access.

One of the biggest developments in the last year was the launch of the Cityuptake app, which opened the door to a number of sectors of the mainstream user base. The application is based on MongoDB which complies with the provisions laid down by the United States regulatory authorities. With an application, Cityuptake users can track their total TRX rewards as well as see their total monthly rewards. Since the stablecoin is a large part of the TRON blockchain, the CU app also allows users to track total rewards in USDT.

The app did not take the focus from the rewards system within CU as the company crossed the milestone of providing 25 million TRX as a total payout to its users. In a bid to double customer and ecosystem safety, Cityuptake also introduced KYC on its platform. This goes hand in hand with other companies taking the same course of action as governments have taken a strong stance on customer safety. Apart from these developments, the CU community also rejoiced when the native token was listed on NOLEX.

The NOLEX listing gave Cityuptake a major boost as it provides additional liquidity options beyond the 1:1 redemption guarantee. This solid base is one of the many factors that make CU users continue to trust the platform through analysis, even showing that some of the customers who leave are returning to the platform. With all the updates and developments, Cityuptake still believes in the mantra ‘Teamwork makes a dream work.’

Speaking to TWJ about how the team has helped in the rise of the company, Cityuptake founder Jason Lavender said:

“The background of Agents foster professionalism. The resume of the group is a major part of what Cityuptake so successful. I cannot stress enough how each Agent was instrumental in building Cityuptake community awareness, and even having a roadmap to talk of.”

Akash Anand: I am an engineering graduate with a leaning towards content and hard-hitting journalism. The aim has always been to gather the latest happenings in crypto and present it to the world.