Gemini Unveils ‘XRP Faucet’ Campaign Featuring 4,000 XRP Prize

Gemini, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange, has made a strategic move to capture the attention of the XRP community shortly after listing the digital asset for trading on its platform. In a surprising development, the exchange has kicked off a targeted initiative named “XRP Faucet”, aiming to entice new sign-ups from the XRP community.

Gemini’s XRP campaign involves an intriguing giveaway strategy, offering a chance for verified users to claim a share of the XRP bounty. This exclusive campaign allows participants to receive 4,000 XRP daily for six days. The mechanism is simple: verified users can grab 20 XRP from the bounty pool when the faucet opens at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Gemini took to Twitter to announce,

Unlike conventional cryptocurrency giveaways that often demand users link wallets or commit financially, the exchange’s XRP initiative requires only a registered email address associated with a verified exchange account. This streamlined approach aims to enhance the user experience while safeguarding against scams.

Gemini’s Exclusive XRP Offer, Eligibility And Guidelines

The XRP Faucet offer, however, is not open to everyone. The campaign caters exclusively to US residents aged 18 and above. While residents from the District of Columbia and all 50 US states can partake in the XRP giveaway, the exchange has explicitly excluded its affiliates, including employees, representatives, agents, and subsidiaries, from the promotion.

Moreover, Gemini maintains the authority to modify the rules or rescind the bounty at its discretion, all without any preceding public announcement. The promotion follows a ‘first come, first served’ principle, underscoring its constrained availability.

News of Gemini’s XRP campaign has ignited discussions within both the XRP and broader crypto communities. The sudden interest exhibited by the exchange in the XRP Army, as some enthusiasts call it, has prompted speculation.

As the crypto industry evolves rapidly, established exchanges like Gemini are seizing opportunities to innovate and diversify their offerings. With its XRP Faucet campaign, the exchange aims to attract new users and demonstrate its commitment to engaging with specific cryptocurrency communities uniquely and captivatingly.

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