The TRC20 technology is one of two Tron-based cryptocurrency technologies (TRC10 being the other one) that any Tron community member can use to issue his/her very own cryptocurrency or ICO, much in the same way in which Ethereum also allows almost anybody to create a new coin. Even Tronix, which is now independent, started life as an Ethereum-based coin.

Yesterday LoveHearts, a very particular cryptocurrency, disappeared from all decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges because it started the process of migrating from its current technology to Tron’s TRC20. So not to worry, the coin is still there, and it will resume trading as soon as the migration is completed, but you won’t find it in the market for now.

It’s a digital asset that you can send in a Twitter or Telegram message to anyone you want. “Sending LoveHearts shows you really care” according to the coin’s website.

The project calls its users the “Heart Army” and it encourages them to send some tokens in Twitter instead of just giving likes in Twitter.

You may think this is cheesy at first, but it actually has a use case. LoveHearts has a strategic partnership with (a remittance service that has also partnered up with Tron), so those LoveHeart tokens can indeed be turned into actual fiat money.

Also, there is the LoveHearts Lounge. It will be an online shop in which you can trade your tokens for goods and services. It will all start with a British sweet manufacturer that is very well known for its involvement in charities and charitable causes. That partnership is supposedly already in the bag, and more agreements are expected to follow soon.

The digital asset’s current supply is of 2 billion tokens after several token burns have taken place.

The TRC20 migration means that LoveHearts will join the Tron ecosystem in full so you’ll be able to trade it at Tron’s decentralized exchange for Tronix (TRX) tokens or for any other of the Tron-based tokens available. That, in turn, will enable you to join many of the other Tron-based projects and websites in which you will be able to do lots of things like playing online games or to gamble online at fair odds.

LoveHearts has been around since October 2018, and it’s been very active since then supporting some charitable causes. It became listed at two exchanges this month, so now it has a price determined by supply and demand.

Further plans for the project include a 60 million token donation to a charitable cause next month, and to keep selling tokens for the next two months until it reaches a 5 million TRX soft cap.

It currently has 130240 users, with 1,131,879,563 tokens in circulation. The total number of coins is 100 billion, but 80% of them are frozen and shall remain so until next year. The available supply is of about 2 billion because 18 billion coins have been burned so far.

It’s anybody’s guess how LoveHearts will do in the cryptosphere. It’s a bit like hallmark cards turned cryptocurrencies, but as long as it’s associated with the Tron token technology, it will be a useful asset for sure.

Image courtesy of PixaBay.