Tron Foundation Announces Opening BTC-TRX LP Mining Pool on SUN Network

Justin Sun-owned Tron Network has been making headlines in recent days. In the latest development for the Tron ecosystem, the foundation announced the issuance of a total of 1000 Tron-based BTC on the Tron network. The total market cap has reportedly surpassed $10,692,382.

The Founder of the Tron [TRX] blockchain and CEO of BitTorrent [BTT], Justin Sun tweeted

“Issued by JUST Foundation, TRC20-BTC is another masterpiece of TRON-based crypto-asset following the miracle of TRC20-USDT whose total supply has exceeded over 4 billion. All BTC holders may issue TRC20-BTC.”

The Tron-based BTC was whitelisted on the DeFi protocol, JustSwap on the 5th of October. Following this, the foundation further revealed a 14-day LP mining pool for BTC-TRX on The official blog post announced the initiation of a 14-day 1x BTC-TRX LP mining on the same day.

Touted as a “masterpiece”, TRC20-BTC is issued by JUST Foundation. It is the DeFi euphoria that has given rise to synthetic assets and as Bitcoin on Ethereum gets traction, the Tron foundation has been spearheading its own Bitcoin-pegged synthetic asset on the Tron Blockchain.

Tron has been making several notable strides to bolster its DeFi efforts. Sun had first teased the launch of synthetic Bitcoin on the Tron blockchain in August this year. The Tron Foundation announced working with top-tier digital payments processor BitGo to introduce tokenized Bitcoins and Etherereum on the Tron blockchain, a month later.

In terms of DeFi, Tron claimes to have an edge primarily due to the crucial factors such as high scalability and low fees offered by the blockchain as compared to its competitor, Ethereum whose perennial problem of network congestion is far from fading away.

Sun has never shied away from admitting that he wanted to build viable infrastructure and cloning Ethereum’s DeFi protocols on the Tron blockchain. Talking about the launch of JustSwap during the recent LA Blockchain Summit, he had asserted,

“We are creating the same kind of DeFi ecosystem as Ethereum. All the Ethereum network products, you can see the same version of Tron products. For example, the MakerDAO on Tron is called JustStable, created by the JUST team. And UniSwap is called JustSwap.”

Reena Shaw: Reena Shaw is a TWJ full-time writer on crypto-currency. A Journalism graduate, her research focuses on legislation and policy-making in the cryptocurrency market.