Tron’s project includes something called “The Tronic Support Plan” which was created for a single purpose: to enhance and speed up the adoption of Tron’s TRX cryptocurrency. Yesterday, the Tron foundation announced officially that the plan’s third phase is successfully completed. This prompts the release of more than eighty-seven million TRX tokens.

Those coins used to be locked by the Tron foundation. They will be released into a locked address which ranks 489 among the 1000 known Tron addresses known to exist. But it’s important to notice that this will not create any kind of inflationary pressure on the asset because the number of tokens available will not be affected by this move.

The Support Plan Marches On

The foundation announced the news through its official blog. It was very clear in saying that it’s undertaking actions to ensure that all the community members that have been supporting the Plan since it started will get some kind of reward. The foundation stated that those released TRX coins would be cleared and the new address will be wiped out from the current locked addresses list.

Furthermore, the Foundation wrote that the tokens still in the platform’s care will be used to match the funds that are currently funding its supporters. The Tron community will be able to confirm all that once the platform releases everything next January 2020. The ownership of all the addresses that are being currently released will be transferred to the community.

The Foundation will remain in charge. It will release the funds to finance recognized supporters, and that will correspond to the tokens that haven’t been released yet to the public at large.

What about Tron’s future?

The Tron Foundation has been remarkably grateful to its community and supporters. It’s thought to be the most engaging blockchain project in the world, thanks to its leadership. And it seems it will continue to be the same in the present and the future as it’s thanked the community for becoming as big as a hundred million users since it went live, barely a year ago.

The project’s leadership reminded the community of the project’s aim, which is to turn the web into a decentralized ecosystem that runs on blockchain technology (Tron’s blockchain, more specifically). And that will enable the foundation to keep engaging supporters and users who have shown an incredible degree of faithfulness to the brand as well as the ideals.

The success shown by the Support Plan is expected to prompt the Foundation to change the total number of tokens in circulation at any time. The plan includes to publish, sometime soon, a list of all the community members that have been pivotal in supporting the project, and to honor them for the contributions they’ve made since the project started.

The Tronix token’s price remains cheap (some would say stuck). But the project keeps delivering results as every projected milestone is met with results that surpass expectations, especially by the Tron-skeptics.

If you are among the skeptics, take a bit of time to review Tron’s recent history. If you’re among the enthusiasts, don’t lose your head. There’s a lot of progress, but there is also a very long way to go.